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Cloud Technology

Our cloud computing services take care of everything from IT infrastructure, operating platforms to software services, thus freeing up your precious time and dollars for enhanced focus on your core business.

Cloud computing translates into more flexibility because of its highly customizable architecture and greater savings, thanks to low upfront investments, rapid deployment and low maintenance. We provide total cloud computing solutions offered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Simply put, cloud computing is one of the ways to put your information out there for your users, so there’s no time lag, productivity issues or lack of information.

Cloud Computing Services


We offer all the 3 cloud computing models, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service model. IaaS allows you to “pay as you go” on all infrastructure facilities such as servers, storage and data centers. Our PaaS services allows creation and deployment of applications using tools like API Management, Source Code Management, Mobile Analytics, App Testing, and many more. Cloud computing service providers can be integrated with 3rd party SaaS providers including Design, SAP, E-mail Automation and Big Data Analytics services. At Dynamic Infoline, we believe in complete control and flexibility while choosing these services so you don’t have to pay a cent more than required.

The most important benefit of Cloud Computing for SMEs is its ability to scale up or scale down depending on changing business needs and environment.

Cloud Deployment Models

  • Cloud Model
    Move your business data and applications to the cloud or start afresh with us. We provide complete solutions, including storage, database, analytics, application, deployment and more.
  • On-Premise Model
    Also known as private cloud, this model comes with virtual resources and management tools to build a secure place on the cloud, but without all the cloud computing benefits.
  • Hybrid Model
    Hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds as you can connect existing infrastructure with cloud based resources. Keep sensitive data on premise while reveling in benefits of cloud for other less sensitive processes.
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